2024 Tour de France Startlist Mega Market
Jun 30
Tadej Pogacar
Adam Yates
Sepp Kuss
Jasper Philipsen
Simon Yates
Stefan Kung
Richard Carapaz
Carlos Rodriguez
Matteo Jorgenson
Alexander Vlasov
Mads Pedersen
Jai Hindley
Brandon McNulty
Mathieu van der Poel
Geraint Thomas
Egan Bernal
Wout van Aert
Tom Pidcock
Derek Gee
Jonas Vingegaard

Add a rider and then bet on if they will start in the 2024 Tour de France.

For now, I am restricting adding answers to myself. We only get 100 slots and I want to keep it more focused. Later on if they add a mode to switch it to Free Response, I might turn it on at some point. Ask in the comments if there is someone you really want to add.

Must be listed as a starter on the official race report from the first stage. If the first stage is canceled or postponed, etc., then we'll use the first stage that happens. If the rider starts a stage that is later canceled mid-stage and results are annulled, I'll count them as having started, even if the organization does something else.

If the entire race doesn't happen at all, resolves N/A instead of all No. I don't want the probabilities to be impacted by something like global catastrophe or organizer incompetence. Bet as if the race will happen.

Some other markets already exist, I don't want to trample them, they have more traffic than this already:



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bought Ṁ20 Geraint Thomas YES

Since we have been discussing about it, can you please add Pidcock

bought Ṁ50 Tadej Pogacar YES

@egroj Added Pidcock and @NicoDelon added Pogacar.

@Eliza Also changed to free response mode -- at the time this was created that toggle did not exist yet.

Lol are we taking Jonas as a lock?

@JCE Mainly I was a little concerned we would use up every single answer slot when an entry for Jonas is quite likely to trade at 90-95% and might not be that interesting. I just added him, though.

bought Ṁ5 of Mads Pedersen YES

Would you add Carlos Rodriguez, please?

@Lion Done!

I'm not quite convinced this is anywhere near as interesting as the Giro one is, or a Vuelta one would be. EVERYONE WHO CAN wants to start the TDF, and for many teams "the best riders" go there. Riders sometimes "choose" to do something else like the Giro and skip the Tour because of reasons.

It feels like this market boils down to "Will X be injured before the end of June" in a lot of cases, which kind of makes me think it is just not that good of a topic.

Meanwhile, I'm loving the Giro one. TADEJ TO THE GIRO.

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