Will Ron Desantis ever be president of the United States?

Resolves YES is Ron Desantis ever serves as president of the United States before he dies.

fun edge case:

resolves YES if this office is obtained via coupe and military forces under his command control at least the current borders of the city of Washington DC

Resolves NO if Ron Desantis dies before serving as president of the United States

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@evergreenemily you run out of cash again? 😆 you know my offer still stands (and you didn't have to return so much so early!)

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@Stralor Only because I made an absolute monster of a market. I'm expecting trader bonuses from it to give me a lot of liquidity pretty quickly (right now it's close to 1 mana per second, even.) Thank you for the offer, though!

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@evergreenemily :O I see it. daaang. glad it's getting some quick rebates

@Stralor Six months of ideas I've been sitting on waiting for multiple choice markets goes brrrrr