Will a cell cultured meat product be easily purchasable at my local Walmart by the end of 2028?

Will I be able to buy, at any price, any cultured meat product (meat grown without a nervous system), including fish, at my local Walmart? I live in an un-named small city in the US; my local Walmart currently carries Beyond Meat and other vegan brands. Short term promotions or trials at anytime before 2028 will be sufficient to resolve this market as YES, but only if it is actually there for me to purchase when I show up; I will not be making any special trips to try to snag some meat.

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Different store, different timeline:

predicts NO

I suspect a hybrid product would result in positive resolution?

@ElliotDavies As long as it has no traditional meat, and enough cultured meat to be credibly a 'reasonable way to eat meat', yes. If I can buy a vegan pizza with cultured pepperoni, this resolves yes. Cheese made with cultured rennet is not sufficient. I will use my judgement on items in between these two, but 'See the Meat, Taste the Meat' is a good rule of thumb for estimating how my judgement will fall.

predicts NO

@Duncan how about a plant based burger with cultured meat?

@ElliotDavies What would be the point? But... probably would count? It's hard to say, since I can't quite imagine what the point of the recipe would be. Presumably, the idea would be that you can taste the difference between it an a Impossible/Beyond burger, so it should contain a good dose of cultured meat, but if the idea is just that it has 'touched meat', then maybe NO?