Is 2024 the year of the Linux desktop (break 5% market share)?

To resolve Yes Linux will have to break 5% during one month of 2024 on the website

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no change in opinion, I just don't want the mana locked up for this long!


we can dream

opened a Ṁ500 NO at 25% order

@DonutThrow Bet against me at 25%? I have set up a limit order (cancelled)

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@SavioMak It grew over 1% last year, number is volatile, I don't see why it shouldn't touch 5% during at least one month

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@DonutThrow i don’t understand how you’re getting 1%. it went from 2.91 to 3.8smth

@ashly_webb It depends on start date. Low (2.7) and high (3.83)

@DonutThrow I mean, not too much thought into this, but it hasn't broke 5% in so many years. I didn't bet a big % of my portfolio anyways.