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resolved Mar 2
Will I enter a relationship with this Hinge date?

This market pertains to a specific person I've already met on Hinge, not whether I will enter a relationship because of Hinge.

I've already gone on one date with this person I met from Hinge. It went well, we had good conversation considering it was a first date and I find her physically attractive.

However, I didn't feel that spark, this could just be due to it being a first date, but I suspect it is because we don't share the same sense of humour.

She seems very keen to meet again though and messaged me a lot following the date. So I'm going to go on a few more dates with her to get a better sense of if we are compatible or not.

FYI I've never been in a romantic relationship before.

This market resolves yes if anything I consider a romantic relationship occurs, even if it is just short-term. This would likely include us agreeing it is a relationship of some sort and agreeing to be exclusive.

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I rejected her. Felt after the 2nd date we there just wasnt rly anything there.

I guess theoretically we could still enter a relationship but as it's under 1% and I didnt include resolution conditions of a "by" time I think it's reasonable to resolve now.

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@DavidChee gameless behavior from her

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I voted no but good luck :)

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Do you have any similar interests or something that would connect you two other than physical attraction?

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@DesTiny photography is adjacent to her work and has always been a hobby of mine. We both enjoy watching lots of tv shows and movies in our spare time. Both multicultural and prioritise travelling to new places and experiences.

She seemed open to trying bouldering.

Cons: she doesnt enjoy games (neither online nor board games).

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@DavidChee no games?