Will we curse on the first episode of the Crystal Ballin' Podcast?
resolved Sep 3

Resolves YES if any member of the show swears while on the podcast (and it's uploaded). Includes the guest, though words like hell and damn wouldn't count.

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firstuserherebought Ṁ111 of NO

people who take advantage of bots should be put on that bot's blacklist really

MichaelWheatley avatar
Michael Wheatley

Hi, I'm going to need a ruling on whether rationalussy is profane so I can arb these

5 replies
Mira avatar
Mirapredicted NO

@MichaelWheatley Profane? People are considering worshipping rationalussy in holy churches.

firstuserhere avatar
firstuserherebought Ṁ222 of NO

@MichaelWheatley I don't think a state of mind should be called a profanity

MichaelWheatley avatar
Michael Wheatley

@Mira Do you have any idea what goes on in some of these cults?

@firstuserhere Profane states of mind are so commonplace that we have clichés about them. "Get your mind out of the gutter"

ButtocksCocktoasten avatar

@MichaelWheatley Rationalussy is the opposite of profane. It is sacred.

PatrickDelaney avatar
Patrick Delaney

Resolution criteria is not specifying how it will resolve any potential Spanish language version of the show, "Jugar a Bolas de Cristal," ...?

1 reply
CrystalBallin avatar
Crystal Ballin'

@PatrickDelaney People are only allowed to speak american on our podcast