Will unmodified humans be found to be able to hibernate ?
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Based on the technology here: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/may/25/hibernation-artificially-triggered-in-potential-space-travel-breakthrough

Ultrasonic pulse delivered from a non invasive helmet triggered a topor or hibernation response in rats.

Hibernation artificially triggered in potential space travel breakthrough
Hibernation artificially triggered in potential space travel breakthrough
If discovery is feasible in humans it could be used to send astronauts into suspended animation, say scientists
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Cornelius Grass

What's the criteria for deciding what counts as hibernation? I'm assuming current methods of therapeutic hypothermia (for example: Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest | Johns Hopkins Medicine) don't count, but it seems like something similar is being triggered in the rats, just through ultrasound instead of direct cooling and medication.

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Patrick Barry

@whenhaveiever a body core temperature drop of excess of 1 degree, metabolism reduced by 5% or higher.

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Cornelius Grass

@CromlynGames That's already achieved by therapeutic hypothermia, which apparently reduces cellular metabolism by 5-7% per degree Celsius, with typical temperature drops 3-5 degrees Celsius below normal.

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Patrick Barry

@whenhaveiever mmm, but can't be tested ethically. This market is really about this ultrasonic method

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