Will I watch Barbie or Oppenheimer within two months of release?
resolved Sep 22

I'm not really a movie person, and neither Barbie nor Oppenheimer are movies that I would typically want to watch. However, it feels like Barbenheimer is everywhere these days, and I've heard some reviews that indicate they're especially well-crafted movies (though some that disagree). Will I choose to (or be peer-pressured into) watching one of these two blockbuster films by end-of-day September 21?

Since I sometimes ditch movies I find boring, I must watch at least 75% of the film for it to count. This is not cumulative (if I watch 50% of Barbie and 50% of Oppenheimer, resolves NO).

General policy for my markets: In the rare event of a conflict between my resolution criteria and the agreed-upon common-sense spirit of the market, I may resolve it according to the market's spirit or N/A, probably after discussion.   

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predicted NO

The more I’ve heard about the two movies lately, the less I want to see either.

Haven’t watched either yet, and from what I’ve heard, it’s not clear that I need to? Oppenheimer being long and Barbie being ultimately a bit confused, from what I’ve heard

Don't watch Barbie it's an L movie go watch Oppenheimer like an alpha

@AlexCao this is helpful cinematic insight

@Conflux He’s true