Tesla Vehicle production and deliveries Q2 2024
Jun 29
Deliveries over 420,000
Deliveries over 450,000
Production over 420,000
Production over 450,000

Figures usually announced by Tesla shortly after quarter ends

Last seven quarters:

Q3 2022 https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-third-quarter
Production 365,923 Deliveries 343,830

Q4 2022 https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-fourth-quarter
Production 439,701 Deliveries 405,278

Q1 2023 https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-first-quarter-2023
Production 340.808 Deliveries 422,875

Q2 2023 https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-second-quarter-2023
Production 479.700 Deliveries 466.140

Q3 2023 https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-third-quarter-2023
Production 430,488 Deliveries 435,059

Q4 2023 https://ir.tesla.com/press-release/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-fourth-quarter-2023
Production 494.989 Deliveries 484,507
Q1 2024 https://ir.tesla.com/tesla-vehicle-production-deliveries-and-date-financial-results-webcast-first-quarter-2024
Production 433,371 Deliveries 386,810

The equivalent press release for Q2 2024 will be used but if not available, I may wait for Q2 financial reports. If Semi or Cybertruck numbers are included in the announcement they will be included in the relevant number but if not shown will not be included.

Background (Was getting too long so shorter form points):

Texas and Berlin factories still ramping up 3/Y production
Cybertruck production started at Texas late 2023
Price cuts during 2023. To stimulate demand presumably.
The previous official guidance which they reached, just, was:

"For 2023, we expect to remain ahead of the long-term 50% CAGR with around 1.8 million vehicles for the year."
Recently changed to say
"Our company is currently between two major growth waves: the first one began with the global expansion of the Model 3/Y platform and the next one we believe will be initiated by the global expansion of the next-generation vehicle platform. In 2024, our vehicle volume growth rate may be notably lower than the growth rate achieved in 2023, as our teams work on the launch of the next-generation vehicle at Gigafactory Texas. In 2024, the growth rate of deployments and revenue in our Energy Storage business should outpace the Automotive business."
Some Q3 2023 production shutdowns were mentioned at Q2 earnings call and did happen but was there also throttling of production rate?

There is a Q1 2024 Berlin shutdown due to parts unable to cross Red Sea and arson attack and US Model 3 highland refresh changes slowed production.
Q1 2024 saw deliveries fall by more than production. Is this indicating demand problems or is it more a case of everyone wants new Highland but only old models in stock which will sell over time as not making more of them?

Closing date likely to be extended until ~2 July 2024 or further as needed.

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Deliveries and production 420k thresholds added. Hope to add more as more info becomes available.

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