Will Leo DiCaprio and Timothee Chalamet ever star in a movie together?

Two very similar actors with early career success. While they were both technically in DON'T LOOK UP, they only shared one scene together and Chalamet had a much smaller supporting role. Will they ever star in another movie together where they share similar levels of screentime? Question will resolve either when these actors appear in another feature-length narrative film together (streaming or theatrical releases are both valid) or when one dies.

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@ChrisL5683 I'm extending the close date since that sounds like what you're looking for with the resolution criteria. Was the early close date intentional? If so, I apologize, we can close it again.

Seeing a lot of comments in here about DON'T LOOK UP - obviously this was taken into account but will clarify in the description. Chalamet's role was very minor in that film. This is asking if they will co-star together in a future film as two of the main characters.

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@ChrisL5683 I think it's poor form to modify the description in a way that significantly affects the resolution criteria after bets have been placed, but I also get that ultimately it's up to you. Please be clearer in your description in the future. Per the original description as well as the way the question is currently phrased ("Will Leo DiCaprio and Timothee Chalamet ever star in a movie together?"), the resolution should clearly have been YES.

@howahlah At the same time, this question was created long after after DLU was already released, so who would realistically think I’d make a question about something that happened 2 years ago? That doesn’t make much sense to me either. Going to keep it as-is.

@ChrisL5683 Yeah, could have been clearer I guess, but this seems basically fine to me. If people were trading on the assumption that you didn't know about Don't Look Up they should have asked sooner or bet with the knowledge that they were trying to make profit on a misunderstanding of some sort and that that's extremely risky.

Anyway I don't have a problem with this in the slightest, the new description seems great. Should the close date be extended, though?

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@ChrisL5683 Surely this resolves YES due to Don’t Look Up as others have pointed out?

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uhh, don’t look up?

They did, don't look up

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