If Celene does X will she think it's a great idea in retrospect?
Takes Estrogen
Ketamine (recreationally)
Visits the Bay in the first half of February
Ketamine (medically)
Takes out a life insurance plan.
celebrating christmas?
Invites @transkatgirl to live with her in her room

Any answer resolves YES if I end up doing it and I am happy about the decision in hindsight, and NO otherwise. Reponses about me committing suicide will be marked N/A owing to my inability to communicate my satisfaction or lack thereof from beyond the grave.

Feel free to add your own responses.


50 mana if you respond with something and I am consequently inspired to perform that action, 100 mana if that response resolves YES. I reserve the right to change the terms of these bounties at any time.

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Invites @transkatgirl to live with her in her room

This will resolve to 50% if I judge it to be neutral -good and it will resolve to YES if I judge it to be especially good.

@Celene also it's probably going to happen fwiw

for context on the "live with me in my room" I only have one room, we'd have to share a bed, and I have no idea why you're betting Yes on it.

can we add "gets cryonicized"

@April Sure, that works, would get N/Aed unless revived tho

@Celene would anyone actually take NO on that one

@April Actually I think the accurate one would be "Signs up for cryonics" so I could either resolve it NO from utopia or do it before dying if I think it wasn't worth the money/time/effort spent.

ketamine recreationally or in a clinical setting?

@shankypanky I'll add both options.