If @Celene takes estrogen, will she consider it to have a positive effect, neutral effect, or negative effect?

I'm transfeminine, and have the opportunity to take estrogen, which many of my close friends have suggested I do. I do not feel very strongly about the physical changes either way, and I do not expect it to factor into how I will evaluate the changes

Reasons it might be neutral: Most things don't have that much of a noticeable impact, off of priors.

Reasons it might be positive: Estrogen is generally a good thing for transfems, many have reported that it helped them repair their emotional processing.

Reasons it might be negative: Estrogen generally causes people to feel emotions more strongly, I've already been feeling emotions more strongly since moving out and it's been quite unpleasant.

Resolves YES if it's positive, NO if it's negative, 50% if it's neutral.

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@Celene what route of administration are you using to take estrogen, and are you taking it consistently?

sublingual 4mg pills (unless @April injects me with estrogen and then i take a large amount of estrogen subcutaneously and don't take sublingual for a week)

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@April do you want help with injecting Celene and obtaining a vial of EC and syringes and needles?

she already has these and has injected me once

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@April are you planning to continue to inject her?

i could be convinced

I am currently on estrogen, by the way. I am also feeling significantly better than I used to, although there are many more plausible explanations for that.


Are you on puberty/testosterone blockers? ime, the positive effects of blockers+estrogen come mainly from relieving the fear of puberty-related changes. Estrogen itself physically makes you healthier (and happier) in case there are almost no sex hormones in your system (when on blockers but no hrt).

I actually mostly think it will help, but the market was at 78% and that felt a little high so I bet a small amount of NO.

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hopefully it works out. hrt feels as though its likely to have a relatively large impact compared to most things.