Resolves YES if I am alive on January 1st, 2035.

Resolves NO if I am dead before 2035. Cryonic suspension counts as death for the purpose of this market. Clinical death where I am quickly resuscitated does not.

Information that might impact the resolution:

Currently, I am suicidal and dislike being alive. If the market resolves NO, it will likely be from suicide. The most likely reason for this would be me feeling that the amount of Good (by my values) I expect to output in the future is not worth my personal suffering.

If I remain alive, this will likely be due to both me continuing to expect to output a

worthwhile amount of Good and due to my personal suffering decreasing, potentially to the point of total non-suicidality.

For the purposes of this market, ego death or any other similar types of death do not count as death.

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what is the procedure for resolving the bet if you do die?

@akselererer It would resolve to NO in that case.

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@IsaacKing that's not a procedure. I think the question is about how this resolution would be applied/by who.

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@jskf Celene will probably do it herself. If not, a mod or admin will do it for her.

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We're back at exactly 50% lol and I still have no idea which direction I should bet in.

Buying NO so that Celene can get free Ṁ by buying YES and then not killing herself, as opposed to the currently existing method of insider trading which is the other way around.

bought Ṁ50 NO from 60% to 40%
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bad bots! stoppit! stoppit right now!