Will some U.S. consultants be negatively affected financially due to AI by end of 2025?

Requires at least 3 articles from traditionally reputable news organizations reporting that some U.S. consultants have lost income, job security, or hiring velocity as a result of AI-based automation.

I won't be proactively searching for such articles - I will need to come across them organically or they can be posted in the comments / sent to me via Twitter message or other DM.

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Soft no - consultants (esp. in software) are experts in shoveling things roughly shaped for client execs. LLMs will likely create a boom for consultants since everyone suddenly needs an “AI strategy”. The counter signal would be consultancies gutting internal departments and using AI tech long-term

@EdwardOrsi Brings up an interesting question: what if it has a negative impact on net, but 1-3 consulting firms ride the “AI strategy“ wave to huge profits? Given that consulting firms are often private, would we even know the majority are shrinking, to counter balance the headlines about the few lucky outliers?

Oh man, this should be the most ripe profession for automation. Overconfident assertions with minimal accountability? Sounds like an LLM's dream job.

@jonsimon (joking / not joking)

I wish I could find it, but I saw a LinkedIn post a while back displaying McKinsey's take on the impact of AI to various professions, with ChatGPT's response to a detailed prompt asking the same question alongside it.

Of course ChatGPT's was way better!