Will Manifold natively facilitate micro-payments from market creators to users that trade on their markets by end of 2024?

For markets that are important to me, I would like to be able to pay mana directly to users that bet on them as an incentive to become involved with my market.

E.g., I put down Ṁ500 to pay the first 100 unique users that bet at least Ṁ10 in the market Ṁ5 that is transferred directly to them.

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I assume Boosts don't count for this as they don't actually require the recipient to trade on the market?

The other thing I like about this idea is that it creates something inherently useful about Mana - the ability to incentivize traders to bet on your markets.

Existing subsidies are helpful but don't seem to be good at getting traders' attention. But once traders are paying attention, then they are way more likely to further engage with / add information to your markets since they have capital at stake.