Will Emily's "wrong number friend" try to scam her before the end of April?
resolved May 1

My partner, @EmilyFuhriman, received a text from a "wrong number". We're both fairly sure this is a scammer - it's the classic "Oh silly me, I typed in the wrong number. I'm a XX year old person from XXX city, how about you?"

Emily has decided to continue to message this person using a false biography until the scam is clear. How long will it take for the scam of this "wrong number friend" to become clear?

Resolves positively if the scam is clear by end of April. Negatively if there is no obvious scam by end of April or if the "wrong number friend" doesn't message back.

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Emily's wrong-number friend has not been responsive...

How’s this one going?

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Many scammers include filters for intelligence, so as to not waste time on people who are unlikely to fall for the scam. (For example, intentionally making spam emails contain typos and other errors.) There's a decent chance that Emily's response will telegraph a lack of gullibility, and the scammers won't bother responding further.