MEDIA2: Using mass media to tackle violence against women
resolved Jul 10

As part of Charity Entrepreneurship's 2023 Top Ideas contest, will we select "Using mass media to tackle violence against women" as a top Mass Media intervention?

Idea overview

Violence against women – especially intimate partner violence (IPV) – is highly prevalent across the world. Recent studies have shown promising results in using radio or TV edutainment shows that aim to shift viewers’ attitudes, perceived norms, and behaviors related to IPV. This organization would focus on producing and streaming such shows in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Mass media interventions

By ‘mass media’ intervention we refer to social and behavior change communication campaigns delivered through mass media, aiming to improve human well-being. We intend to select 2-4 ideas out of the 10 presented to recommend to entrepreneurs who enter our incubation program. This market resolves YES if this idea is chosen; NO otherwise.

About the contest

In partnership with Charity Entrepreneurship, Manifold is sponsoring a $2000 forecasting tournament to inform which ideas end up selected

  • You can win part of a $1000 prize pool as a forecaster, for best predicting which interventions we choose.

  • You can win one of ten $100 prizes for posting an informative comment on Manifold that most influences our decision.

For contest details and all markets, see the group CE 2023 Top Ideas.

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@Lorenzo For sure?

@BTE Wait why did you resolve all the PAW ones as NO?

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@Lorenzo I read the post you put up and resolve the two they chose YES and the rest no.

@BTE I got an email from their newsletter, it says the they will publish the PAW ones soon

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@Lorenzo Oh shit. Save me @ian ?!?!

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@Lorenzo Oh man do I feel stupid

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@Lorenzo Damn, I might lose my trust worthy ish ness.

@BTE Go found a CE charity to recover

@BTE I promise I'll vouch for your trustworthish-ness if you do

It's ok, admins can unresolve. Tagging @DavidChee

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Hedge your bets here:

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TV has a key impact on the netizens of many LMIC's, especially countries like Pakistan and India. These countries are also amongst the ones which has a considerable rate of female abuse history. Using TV/Radio can definitely change mindsets and help in tackling violence against women.

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@Nayanika These days producing quality content like TV Shows need not have to necessarily be high cost if one is keen on exploring avenues like Youtube Channel. Also, cost of production is comparatively cheaper in LMICs.

We can always collaborate with Industry experts to seek expert knowledge or self-explore.

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@Nayanika definitely agree social media would be scrappier than traditional production studios, but even the most popular YouTube channels are pushing million dollar videos now that content creation's more competitive:

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@PatMyron Mr Beast’s thing has become how much he spends on each video so this is not a relevant comp. TikTok creators like younger adults might be able to make really compelling and viral content that is also very affordable and instantly self-sustaining. Imagine 17 year old Selena on TikTok and this starts making sense.

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@PatMyron More than hiring a random teenager but much less than spending million dollars.

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Like many others said, this is very important, but it seems unlikely that this intervention will be particularly effective. I would also like to draw attention to the possibility of reactance, where people exposed to these "edutainment" programs could actually strengthen their positions when they perceive a threat to their current way of life. Finally, there is an issue of tractability in measurement of the impact of the organization. Measuring impact will be obscured by numerous other factors, and it will be difficult to determine what causes any measured decreases.

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This is BY FAR the most serious problem addressed in this contest. Not even close.

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@PatMyron Nothing has more impact on people’s behavior and beliefs that the stuff they watch on television for entertainment. Much more than the news or educational programs IMO.

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@BTE media is definitely influential: the part I find highly unlikely is that many people would watch whatever's produced with this budget. Single episodes of quality television cost millions and millions to produce nowadays, which is an order of magnitude or two more than the funding they'd have available from winning this contest:

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@PatMyron We don’t know who proposed this right? It could be an independently wealthy television producer. I don’t think anyone would propose this without a solid background doing it. How do we find that info??

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@BTE either way, this funding isn't relevant to producing quality television episodes: it'd be either insufficient or irrelevant to fund producing an additional minute of quality television

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@PatMyron For a public broadcaster?