Will every Twitter user simultaneously tweet the word "rationalussy" in 2023?

At some point in 2023, will every single user on Twitter, including accounts that are banned (they will be unbanned temporarily for the occassion) tweet the word "rationalussy" within a five minute span of each other? This will be a great moment of unity for humanity, and will end all conflicts in the world, as people come together to tweet the word "rationalussy".

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JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Rayis predicting NO at 5%

Simultaneous from which reference frame?

ButtocksCocktoasten avatar
Buttocks Cocktoastenis predicting YES at 5%

@JonathanRay Earth's

Swordfish42 avatar
Swordfish42sold Ṁ78 of NO

NO guys, let's jump here and make some imaginary money!

JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Raybought Ṁ194 of NO

Hedge your bets here

NathanNguyen avatar
Nathan Nguyensold Ṁ14 of YES

Admins overturn resolutions that are resolved incorrectly right?

dgga avatar
duNis predicting NO at 9%
NathanNguyen avatar
Nathan Nguyenis predicting NO at 4%

Seems concerning that the second biggest trader is @ButtocksCocktoasten on YES. I’m selling my NO

ButtocksCocktoasten avatar
Buttocks Cocktoastenis predicting YES at 6%

@NathanNguyen Yes, that is concerning. I should be the #1 biggest trader!

DavidChee avatar

why does this have 49 trades 💀

Odoacre avatar
Odoacreis predicting YES at 4%

@DavidChee It's gonna happen!