Will the S&P 500 close at an all time high in 2023?
resolved Dec 29

The all time high close was 4793.06 on December 29 2021

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@BruceGrugett Can be resolved NO

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The market has closed; S&P 500 closes at 4769.83. This is NO.

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I thought the futures implied that it would open in the 4792-4793 range today. Crazy how much this has moved.

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Crazy how close this is.

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Sorry I quoted the wrong number for the all time high. I will resolve this according to the real all time high of 4796.56

📢4796.56 Is The Official ATH Close # not the 4793.06 in the description which was the former ATH.
⚠Traders be aware of this as it is already in the comments and all official sources (CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Barron's, MarketWatch, and Wiki) show 4796.56

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@SirCryptomind Traders are not required to read all the comments. The description however is mandatory. Therefore even if the description doesn't contain the exact value it should count instead.

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@PatrikCihal The number in the description is incorrect along with the date.
I pinged the creator and posted clarifying statements as I normally would as a Mod.

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@SirCryptomind Yes but that shouldn't change the resolution criteria stated in the description.

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@PatrikCihal Feel free to join Discord and discuss the market HERE.

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@traders I have also DM'd the creator since I saw they were active today.

@PatrikCihal Title should take precedence over description when they disagree or when there is some other sort of error, IMO.

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Wikipedia and various other sources say the all time high close was 4796.56 on January 3rd, 2022. Which number will be used for resolution?

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@StevenK I don't know what the most official source is, but 4796.56 is correct according to Yahoo Finance's daily data, so I think this number should be used instead of the 4793.06 in the market description.

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@StevenK @BruceGrugett Please clarify which number you'll use?

I mean will it close at an all time high on any day durning 2023, not necessisarly on December 31.