Will the video game Sanctuary release (on Steam) before 1st Jan 2026?

I am working on the video game Sanctuary: Shattered Sun. It currently has a steam page.

Will the steam page show the game as available to buy before 1st Jan 2026?

I am interested in the chances that the game will release before then either because it will take a while to make, or fail to release at all for whatever reason.

Resolution criteria:

Resolves as yes if the steam page shows it as released and can be bought.

Resolves as no if the steam page is either removed or not yet released, or any other status aside from released.

Early access, demos do not count - steam needs to consider it as released.

The steam page that counts is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1699050

Other platforms, other steam pages do not count.

Renaming the title, changing the details of this page, ect doesnt affect the resolution - as long as the above url works, it counts.
(note that the url will redirect to have the game name in it. The same app id in the url counts as the correct page)

Other information:

Summarising the contents of the steam page: The game is an RTS focusing on large scale battles set on the surface of a dyson sphere.

Weve been working on this game since ~August 2020.

There are 15-20 people full time on the team. This amount has grown over time from about 6 people in September 2020.

I work on the team too. I am happy to answer questions but ill be away for a few days after this markets creation.

I intend to make a bunch of other markets about this game.

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