Will Kizaru betray/defect the Marines?
Oct 31

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@BoxFangWP If this is a “until the end of the show” market then I would change the close date to 2030 so folks don’t periodically think it’s resolving soon.

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My friend who follows OP told me that since one Admiral already had a plot beat very similar to this, Kizaru was more likely to desert (not the same as betray/defect to another side) or die tragically doing his job.

Does this market resolve on March 31

@AndrewCrosse If it hasn't happened, I will extend it - unless the market creator specifically objects 😃

edit: creator extended!


Hey all! I made a One Piece Discussion Channel on the discord today, feel free to use it to advertise any One Piece markets you make or for whatever else.

I also made a bunch of Dashboards to help people find the specific kind of OP markets they're looking for:

Let me know if you've got any suggestions! All still a work in progress.

Also, Stonks should be a lot more fun now that we've banned bots from being able to trade on them. They should move purely on irrational human sentiment now!

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@Joshua Absolute W! No more bots!

What if its not Kizaru defecting the Marines, but the Marines the world government?

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Betrayal coming any second now :)

Quite a loaded question... Kizaru's unclear justice could be an indication of him staying with the Navy, while his devotion to Joyboy could be an indication of him leaving the Navy

Holy swongs

betting a whole 25 right now on yes

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i had to sell my kizaru stocks... its been an honor

Hold out strong guys, it will happen! Oda's purposely misleading right now


@KizaruAgendist respect 🫡

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sell your stocks, its coming


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Recent leaks are making this looks a little promising…

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@24Arrian indeed.

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He won't. Kizaru ain't like Pussytora.