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resolved Jan 30
Would Isaac King be annoyed if someone corrected his small mistake?

@IsaacKing made a market with a typo in the market description (50 instead of 51). There was some discussion of whether he would be annoyed if someone corrected him. Would he?

Specifically, would IK have been annoyed if @Simon1551 had posted to correct the typo?

This market resolves when @IsaacKing delivers his oracular answer, and it resolves to whatever he says.

(Isaac, I predict strongly that you won't be annoyed by this, but if you are let me know and I'm happy to N/A it. But in any case, please no shenanigans here, we're making a serious attempt to set up some Manifold social skills...)

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Isaac Kingpredicted NO at 1%

Oh, whoops, I never actually answered the question here. (I did on the other market.) Not annoyed.

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Boklampredicted NO at 1%

@IsaacKing Welp I'd say Manifold is not surprised.

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Antonbought Ṁ50 of NO

He's an MtG judge. I'd guess his tolerance for pedantry is at least 99th percentile

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Isaac King

I may or may not currently be working on an article that explains how people keep using the word "pedantic" in a technically-incorrect way.

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Simonbought Ṁ20 of NO

I've always felt like these type of markets influence the subject. For instance if there was a market about whether or not I was going to be late for work/school this week. I would be influenced to actually be on time because someone is actually watching what I'm doing I guess...

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Isaac King

Hmm, around a $7 incentive to be annoyed. I've been annoyed over less!