North Korea launches rockets
South Korea and US military do military exercises as deterrence
Elections in North Korea
South Korea reinstalls propaganda speakers at DMZ
A foreigner gets arrested in North Korea
North Korea announces domestic AI platform
Another defector crosses at JSA
Kim Jong Un seeks medical care abroad
Kim Jong Un is replaced
Kim Jong un dies
China bombs either one of the Koreas (mainland or claimed islands)
Invasion of one of the countries
The COVID-19 border lockdown is lifted

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Answers will resolve as soon as there is credible news on it.

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Invasion of one of the countries
bought Ṁ50 Invasion of one of t... NO

Could we define "invasion"?

@brp Military activities by sodiers(nothing airborne) that occur on the other side of the current DMZ, for longer than a week and makes it to Wikipedia

Kim Jong Un is replaced

Including if he dies of natural causes?

@lisamarsh yes. I'll add a market "Kim Jong Un dies"

The COVID-19 border lockdown is lifted

According to Wikipedia the border reopened on September 25, 2023. Have you got a source that it is still in effect? Otherwise I'll n/a this if it's okay for you.

bought Ṁ10 Kim Jong un dies NO

@Bohreromir Wait what? So the aid and trade to relieve the horrifying famine and pandemic have finally been allowed in? Why wasn't this major news in western news outlets? I've literally cried at how dire the situation was in the past few years, but if it's finally over then that's amazing

@TheAllMemeingEye I was surprised by this too

Elections in North Korea

Free and fair or rigged one-party?

bought Ṁ10 North Korea launches... YES

@TheAllMemeingEye Anything that the government of North Korea calls a Election.

@Bohreromir according to GPT4:


elections in North Korea are held every four-to-five years for the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA), the country’s national legislature, and every four years for Local People’s Assemblies


So this seems a near certainty bar regime change

@TheAllMemeingEye thanks for looking that up! Last election was held on 10 March 2019 so it should happen within the next year

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