Will I find a satisfying TTS for my audiobook project before March?
resolved Mar 1

I need to find a good text-to-speech model for a project.

$1k manalink if I use a TTS you recommended for my audiobook project!

This market resolves positively if I find a TTS that satisfies me (and most of my desiderata).

It needs to have most of these characteristics:

  • Be relatively cheap and preferably free, absolute maximum $200 per 500k words (or find me funding idc). (I need more than 2M words total so high-volume deals can be made)

  • Be high enough quality that it is nearly indistinguishable from human speech (see ultra-realistic voices here). If I can hear weird artifacts every few sentences, this fails.

  • Have implicit/context-dependent intonation.

  • Have a usable API.

  • Reply to my emails (this is where play.ht fails).

  • Have at least 20 distinct voices or voice cloning technology.

  • It must give the ability to test in demos/cheap subscriptions.

  • Pay-per-use.

  • Unrelated plus: have good voices in French (independent manalink of $1k for this, doesn't need to have most of the above characteristics).

  • (I might add other characteristics over time if I think of them)

The resolution criterion does not depend on the TTS fitting all these desiderata perfectly or completely; so long as I am satisfied with the TTS, this market resolves positively. However, I guarantee that if all of these characteristics are respected, I will resolve it positively.

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Amazon Polly?

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Henri Lemoine

@MathieuPutz The voices I tested with Amazon Polly are pretty bad. Maybe I missed the good ones.