Will a custom podcast-creator be on the market by 2028? (details below)

I want a product to be on the market that lets me use AI to make my own podcast about a topic of my choosing in a style of my choosing, with realistic, non-robotic-sounding voices (including a conversation between multiple voices), for example a Spanish-language conversation podcast with a Mexican and a Cuban host talking about how scientists proved smoking causes cancer and why R.A. Fisher disagreed.

Of course when I say "any topic" I understand the product may have content restrictions just like the LLMs do. If they're censoring certain topics that's fine, I just want it to have the general capability of producing a podcast about a wide range of topics of my choosing. And the podcast must be able to be long, let's say at least 1 hour.

Deadline: January 1st, 2028.

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Worth noting this is arguably already technically feasible. An LLM could write a script long enough, and voice generation has gotten pretty good. Whether it will actually exist is less clear, but there's reason to be optimistic (or pessimistic, if you think it will be a bad thing) as the demand clearly exists.