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closes Jan 1, 2027
Will GPT-5 come out before 2027?

If the date on which we get official generations from GPT-5 (this is not a typo) comes before 2027, I will resolve this positively.

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Jake Toth

Time between GPT-1 and GPT-2 = 8 months
GPT-2 - GPT-3 = 15 months
GPT-3 - GPT-4 = 20 months
Average = 14.33 months per GPT
So GPT-5 would be in May 2024 (ish)

The time between GPT's has been getting longer, first by 7 months then 5 months. Assuming 6 months more each time would be 26 months to GPT-4 then 32 months to GPT-5. Which would put you near the end of 2026.

I think it's pretty likely that if they were to release a GPT-4 and GPT-5 it would be released before 2027.

But how likely is it that they will train a GPT-5? By then surely it would be multimodal, and perhaps go under a different name to reflect that? I'm going with no purely because I think there is a less than 74% change that there will be a model called GPT-5 released by OpenAI.

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