Will Donald Trump reveal national secrets at any point before Dec 31 2024?

Michael Cohen believes trump will threaten to release NDI or other top secret information as a threat to avoid being sent to prison. Will he actually follow through on that effort in 2024 when many of his trials will have concluded and sentencing will have been ajudicsted?

Resolve yes if he reveals any information, resolve no if he does not.

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Is this "yes" only if he does so illegally? See definition 2 for grey mail on Wikipedia:

To request use of classified material, e.g. as evidence, in the trial. The defendant speculates that the government will be unwilling to make the material fully available to the case, and that this will raise the possibility, in the eyes of the judge or jury, that the unreleased material might clear the defendant, making it difficult to prove guilt.

One could imagine such a filing by Trump, which would appear to meet Cohen's definition, but which may result in the release of classified information in a legal manner.

Reveal them to whom? Publicly? To an interested party?