Will Waymo be fully deployed in LA by the end of 2024?
Sep 30


Waymo is deployed in San Francisco and Phoenix, accepting customers 24/7 throughout the city.

Waymo is finishing up its 5-month tour of testing in LA in early March 2024. In the 9 months after that, before the end of the year, will you be able to book a ride?

Allow anyone downloading the app to book a ride in LA without a waitlist or invite codes by December 31st, 2024.

An announcement doesn't count, you have to be able to book a ride.

There has to be significant deployment of cars and service areas covering large parts of LA, so one could reasonably expect to get a ride i.e. an LA equivalent of Zoox's testing within Foster City wouldn't count as a full deployment, you should be able to go a reasonable distance such as between most or all of it's testing areas; Santa Monica; Century City; WeHo; Mid City; K-Town and DTLA.

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This blog post discusses their plans for 2024. https://waymo.com/blog/2024/03/scaling-waymo-one-safely-across-four-cities-this-year/

It mentions "We’ll permanently welcome riders into our service, gradually onboarding the more than 50,000 people on our LA waitlist and continuing to hand out temporary codes at local events throughout the city."

This gives indications that likely they will still require a waitlist/invite codes by the end of the year.

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Why is the probability here so different from this other market? https://manifold.markets/BenLoveitt/will-waymo-be-fully-deployed-in-la-68e74a422bea

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