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The most based chatter in DGG.
Sometimes hosts DGG toonami. Morally consistent- will leave chat if there is cringe content. Chat, orbiters, and streamer steal my memes because they're so good. Advice giver (when asked). Wholesome (unless you're overly dumb). Knows how to cook. Biologist. Studies philosophy and world builds on the side (for fun). Avid gamer; Minecraft (epic builder), SC2 (terran master), other. League hater. Old head in chat. Follow.

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Barret you are a coping retard.


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Shouldn’t the close date be later?

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@JimHays whatchyu mean i been here forever im gonna be here forever i am eternal

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@BarretWallace If you’re eternal, why is the close date in 2025?

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@JimHays Because I have no idea what I'm doing lmao.