Will the US government open an investigation into Elon Musk's drug use by the end of 2024?

The WSJ reported he "microdoses ketamine for depression and takes larger doses at parties". Such a revelation would typically result in the loss of an individual's security clearance. He has previously been investigated for using marijuana and did not lose his clearance. Ketamine, however, is taken much more seriously.

Since the WSJ piece Ronan Farrow published a profile in the New Yorker that shows Elon's friends are clearly worried about his ketamine use. This market resolution criteria will be the same as the 2023 market except the close date. If the question below resolves yes this market also automatically resolves YES.

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Is it in the government's interest to go investigating, or is it more in their interest to look the other way? As long as the SpaceX collab goes well, the latter seems true.

This is if the use is even illicit going forward. Perhaps he has a prescription.

@B Don’t care if the revoke it or not. Just review. It’s SOP dude. Of course they won’t take it away, that is not what this market is about.

@B Elon’s competition could force this by filing a lawsuit saying SpaceX is ineligible for contracts without a review. You think that is not something Bezos would do?

@B So to answer you directly it’s in their interest to do both, investigate and look the other way.

predicts NO

@B makes sense, appreciate your thoughts!

@B Same here!