Will projects funded via Manifund be able to issue additional impact certificates for sale on the platform in 2023?
resolved Dec 31

I misunderstood the rules when applying and failed to keep any equity in the initial offering. Therefore, in the case that our project get significant oracular funding from Scott and others after Sept 1, none of those funds will go to the project creators, but rather go entirely to the shareholders who bought the initial issue. While I am thrill to have my project funded, I do regret not setting the project up to benefit from the windfall of our potential success, so I want to issue more impact certificates. I will definitely be seeking additional ways to monetize the podcast, so this is at least maybe an option?

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It does not appear that I can issue new impact certificates for Crystal Ballin.

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Once this mini-grant process is over I'd assume there will be other funding rounds

@CarsonGale made a market for this :)

I don't own much, but I'd be willing to consider selling you what i own at a slightly higher valuation than what I paid if you'd like.

@CarsonGale Thank you very much for funding the project!! I think you should keep your shares because you will do better with Scott after we crush the next several months and are obviously the most successful of all the funded projects you will make 10-15x your money.

I was mostly motivated to post this question because I am considering seeking out sponsorships, but why not sell the sponsorship as an Impact Certificate? Idk, just a thought.

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@BTE I think you could theoretically sell additional philanthropic funding as an impact certificate, but it gets a bit complicated since that dilutes current investors in the impact received with your funding (but no more than raising additional charity dollars). It's almost like raising a Series B round right after raising a Series A, philanthropically speaking.

I would think real sponsorships would be a nice complement to the impact certs already raised & would help assure Scott that the impact is sustainable in the future.

Love the enthusiasm and excited to see some impact! (And the personal pleasure of listening to your episodes!)

@BTE we are also considering sponsorships -- if you're interested in chatting about the interaction you're facing between impact markets and sponsorships, lmk.

seems like a bit of a weird gray area — perhaps similar to selling to different customer segments (i.e. one is philanthropies, another is sponsors)?