Will a zkML project get >$10,000 of funding on Manifund by end of 2025?

Resolves YES if a project that research/implements/promotes the use of zero knowledge or succinct cryptographic proof systems for machine learning algorithms receives this amount of funding between now and the close date.

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As an example, there is Orion, allowing to write neural networks in almost-Rust and execute them on blockchain.

There is a tutorial at https://orion.gizatech.xyz/academy/tutorials/mnist-classification-with-orion.

This is something I'd be interested in seeing. I hear about it a lot related to my own research, and it seems like it might be related to the "AI Security" type goals that I see on Manifund. I don't know whether or not it's the type of thing that gets funded, though.

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@BoltonBailey I work for a company that uses zkML, there are tons of use cases, basically allows you to do federated computing on data sets or crowd source access. My big question here is how big is the Manifund!

@JamesMcGirk Well, according to their site, over $1.02M.

(Manifund is a Manifold project for organizing funding for a variety of causes, mostly related to the effective altruism movement)

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Thank you!

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