Will @NicoDelon be trustworthy-ish by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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@Joshua I wonder why this hasn’t happened yet. Though I am out of the trust loop or whatever.

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@BTE I think they just did three moddings. FUH, Isaac, Chris. I'd be surpirsed if there were more today, bc why not do them with those three?

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@Joshua WTF?! Isaac got it back and I do not?!?!

@BTE I have my guess but 🤷🏻‍♂️


@Conflux 😿

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@NicoDelon Strange omission leaving you and firstuserhere out. What more could you do?

@BTE haha, I have secret enemies on here.

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@NicoDelon strictly predictive!

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@WorldFC 😘


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Looking good for you @NicoDelon !

@BTE lol ask @WorldFC what they think of me.

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@NicoDelon You guys have a little tiff?

@NicoDelon I left one three-star review as feedback on a market that I thought could include more context and they started retaliating this morning by leaving nearly 40 one-star reviews and counting, including threats and insults, on markets they never traded in. LOL.

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@NicoDelon LMAO! Retaliatory review bombs should be automatically disqualified from trustworthiness!

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@NicoDelon It would be good if the stars had suggested criteria associated with them so people aren’t taken off guard by low ratings. @SG @JamesGrugett @DavidChee

@BTE The funniest thing is the user actually has a pretty good rating average.

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@NicoDelon Holy shit that guy is review bombing me now!! Even markets I canceled!! @DavidChee can we do something about @WorldFC crushing our ratings out of spite? Why would I ever be honest with a rating if they can retaliate? And I never even reviewed their markets!!

@BTE This user seems unhinged. This would be funny if it weren’t concerning.

@NicoDelon Also wtf

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@NicoDelon I don't know if you can see it or not but he left this comment in one of his reviews of my markets. Just fyi.

@BTE Guy needs help. He’s on a rampage and gonna hurt someone.