Will it be possible to talk to ChatGPT via text message on any smartphone by the end of 2024?

Resolution Criteria:

  1. Platform Availability: The question will be resolved affirmatively if, by December 31, 2024, ChatGPT can be accessed and interacted with via standard text messaging (SMS or similar text-based messaging services) on any smartphone platform.

  2. Cross-Platform Functionality: The service must be functional on major smartphone operating systems, including but not limited to iOS and Android. This implies that the service should not be restricted to a specific brand or operating system.

  3. Text Message Interaction: Users must be able to engage with ChatGPT by sending and receiving text messages. This includes the ability to ask questions, receive information, and have a conversational interaction similar to ChatGPT's primary capabilities as of the date of this question.

  4. Official Announcement or Release: Resolution will rely on an official announcement or launch from OpenAI, a partnership announcement with a telecommunications company, or credible news sources confirming the service's availability through text messaging on smartphones.

  5. Public Accessibility: The service must be publicly accessible and not limited to select users, beta testers, or specific regions. It should be available to a broad user base with minimal restrictions based on geography, network carrier, or smartphone model.

  6. Operational Status at Year-End: The service must be operational and accessible as of December 31, 2024. Short-term trials or beta services that do not continue through the end of the year will not fulfill the criteria.

  7. Verification Sources: Confirmation of the service's availability must be obtained from reliable and verifiable sources, including but not limited to official communications from OpenAI, announcements from telecommunications companies, or reports from reputable technology and telecommunications news outlets.

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