Will it be possible to talk to ChatGPT via iMessage by the end of 2024?

Resolution Criteria:

  1. Integration with iMessage: The question will be resolved affirmatively if, by December 31, 2024, ChatGPT is integrated into Apple's iMessage platform, allowing users to interact with ChatGPT directly through iMessage.

  2. Functionality: The integration must enable users to send messages to ChatGPT and receive responses within iMessage. The functionality should be comparable to ChatGPT's primary capabilities as of the date of this question, including text-based conversation and information queries.

  3. Official Announcement or Release: The resolution will be based on an official announcement or release from OpenAI, Apple Inc., or a credible news source confirming the availability of ChatGPT on iMessage. The announcement or release must clearly state that the service is operational and accessible to the general public.

  4. Public Availability: The service must be publicly available and not limited to a private or beta testing group. It should be accessible to a significant portion of iMessage users, without undue restrictions based on geography, iMessage version, or device limitations.

  5. Operational Status at Year-End: The service must be operational and available as of December 31, 2024. Temporary outages or limited beta releases that do not continue through the end of the year do not meet the criteria.

  6. Verification Sources: Confirmation of the service's availability must come from reliable sources, such as OpenAI's official communications, Apple Inc.'s announcements, or reputable technology news outlets.

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No third party integration?

(also, did you use an llm to write the description? just curious)

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