Will any of Elon Musk's companies be charged with fraud by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

I have never seen someone so full of shit in my life as Elon Musk these past six months. When you behave like that the people around you start behaving like that. Eventually someone is committing fraud. I suspect charges are coming, do you agree?

Dec 12, 11:09am: Will any of Elon Musk's company's be charged with fraud by the end of 2023? → Will any of Elon Musk's companies be charged with fraud by the end of 2023?

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I believe that this has happened.


One of the charges here is fraud

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@Shai "346. As a result of Defendants’ fraud, Plaintiffs suffered damages. "

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I believe this is a civil suit, whereas 'charge' refers to criminal charges? See https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/charge

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@jacksonpolack OK thanks. I couldn't figure it out by googling

@jacksonpolack @Shai i don’t think charge means the same thing when applied to a corporate persons as human persons. I think the SEC or state attorneys general can charge corporations with Civil fraud and that would resolve this market YES, but in this case it is a civil case not brought by the government but by some human person suing a corporate person. Fraud in this case is a term of art I believe.

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sucks that I need a US law degree to bet on this market

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@Shai I also piled on the YES train without thinking it through; have to learn doing that rarely ends well If it's any consolation:


@Shai I created this market, I have no law degree. I am not trying to trick anyone. I will try to update the description to make it as clear as possible.

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23 is a short timeline. otherwise somewhat likely

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@GeorgeVii I will create duplicates with different expirations because I agree with you.

Not to mention the fact that he is begging the government to scrutinize everything he is associated with.

@BTE "I suspect charges are coming" yet no bets or limit orders on any of the markets?

@Shai Fair point.