Will OpenAI make a fully multimodal LLM in 2024?
resolved May 13

Will OpenAI reveal a fully multimodal chat LLM in 2024, including at least 4 of the following multimodal capabilities: speech input/generation (TTS), image/video input/generation.

The LLM needs to have multimodal capabilities built-in and cannot be using another model, for example, GPT-4-Turbo in ChatGPT Plus using Dall-E 3 to generate images does not count, while GPT-4-Turbo taking images as input does count.

The model does not need to be released to the public just be revealed.

ps: I will be participating in this market

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@mods Im having difficulties resolving this market as I just found out that on the OpenAI website it says it runs three different models in the voice mode but I resolved it to NO before i knew that because Sam Altman posted all the multimodality was native. What should I do?

@AxelRthingCano Sorry, I just read further and found out that the model is in fact natively multimodal but runs through different pipelines for the voice mode

I have resolved this to YES as Sam Altman posted that all the multimodal capabilities of GPT-4o are native

We can no longer trade on this market?

@ismellpillows You couldn’t vote because the event had ended and therefor you would already know the answer, I closed the market about when the event was ending.

@AxelRthingCano This market mentions 2024 and not this specific event, and you waited to resolve as the answer was not yet clear. I think it would’ve been fair to allow continued trading.

@ismellpillows Yes, I would have allowed trading again if it wasn’t announced during the event but if I would have allowed then it wouldn’t be betting it would just be cheating like you tried to do.

i will be waiting to resolve this question until OpenAI publishes further details, it may be that the speech generation or other parts of the ChatGPT voice chat experience are using other models and if so this market will resolve no.

@AxelRthingCano how will you resolve it if they don't publish said details? I imagine they will but just wondering

@jacksonpolack Good question, then I will probably cancel it or ask for moderator help. I am very sure they will provide further detail as all API info and docs are public

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gpt4o might resolve this? idk

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What if microsoft reveals this using openai's technology ?

@RemNi That does not count, it needs to be OpenAI owning and offering the model even if it's hosted or run on Microsoft servers

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