Will iOS 18 introduce big improvements to Siri, making it a competitor to ChatGPT?
Jun 8

Will iOS 18 introduce big improvements to Siri and have similar capabilities as ChatGPT while keeping the same system integration that Siri currently has?

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AI is the logical next big step for Apple. Phones have had barely any progress for years since it's a matured market, and AI is already getting patents for technology to put LLMs on iPhones.

@StanRunge True, but this question is about if iOS 18 will introduce new AI capabilities to Siri which means that the AI features would need to be on all phones that have access to iOS 18 and not be limited to for example the iPhone 15/16 series.

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@AxelRthingCano Hmm, that's a good point. On a personal note, I'd really like it if they didn't limit it to iPhone 15/16, I want to use it too! 😄

@StanRunge I completely agree, I think it would be a huge success if they would not limit it to new phones as that would make it as accessible as ChatGPT and other third-party AI services are and therefor make it a direct competitor which combined with the fact that Apple could make it on-device (privacy) and integrated with iOS would make it even better, but I don’t think they are going to make it completely on-device as older iPhones don’t have very advanced chips and would not be able to have a competitive AI running locally.

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@AxelRthingCano The first solution I would come up with is just to give the new phones on-device LLM to decrease latency, but to also have it available as an internet service with Apple servers for the older iPhones, but Apple always wants to have a 'magic' like feel to their big releases, so I doubt that they would settle for that. Regardless, we'll see what happens, I think there is a new event this upcoming February, but maybe we'll have to wait until next summer like usual.

@StanRunge About the event in February, that is the Apple Vision Pro release, do you think they will do any AI releases before WWDC, in so case which kind of features?

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