Will we get married on Jun 9th, 2023?
resolved Jun 19

Kind of a "save the date", kind of a "what could possibly go wrong?"

As of today (Mar 29):

  • The priest we've been speaking to indicated that this should be available

  • It lines up with my and Rachel's family's schedules

  • We haven't yet put down a deposit with the church, nor booked out other wedding venues

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@Austin: please resolve to YES.

@duck_master Trustworthy-ish users can only resolve a market once a user hasn't been active for a week. Austin was active today. In general it's best to ping the market creator before asking someone else to resolve the market, especially when they're clearly active (and also when they work on Manifold itself!)

@NcyRocks Fine, I've edited my comment to ping Austin instead.

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Betting in favor out of sentimentality since my anniversary is also June 9th, and I will have been married for 33 years.

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I'm surprised this is only 92% so close to the date posted by Austin a few months ago.

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@AlexWilson Remember: prediction markets are motivation markets... Someone's probably working on preventing the wedding from happening

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Update: we confirmed the date with the priest, Jun 9th at 1pm!

That seems like a short timeline, most people I know have done all their bookings >6 months in advance

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6/9 for the memes