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50 mana for each interesting/good/novel idea for a project for the Manifold community fund; 100 additional mana if somebody actually creates and ships this project.

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  • Kind of a weird project idea: I've competed in blindfolded Rubik's Cube solving in the past, and one form of memorizing has you associate every two letter pair with a word/image. You could make markets asking what the best object/person/etc for some of the harder pairings could be, and let people add their own.

  • A UX designer could do an in depth breakdown on the good aspects of the Manifold site or app to give credit, or they could give feedback on how to make it better.

  • Manifold vs Chat GPT, where they play a game such as chess or checkers and see who is better. The obvious problem here is Chat GPT does illegal moves a lot, so it might have to be against a regular computer.

  • Someone could livestream and commentate one or more Manifold markets during a major event, such as the 2024 elections, and track their progress. Or a presidential debate, where they mark off when a candidate says "Obama", etc.

  • A "Manifold Plays Pokemon" type of thing, where people could vote on the next button to press in a game, which wouldn't have to be Pokemon necessarily.


I'm still looking for an excuse to build a prognootling app aka futarchy for small ad hoc groups. I even thought of an amazing tagline for it: "bettor decisions".


I think a Manifold Elections app that’s geared specifically for the 2024 US presidential election could be really cool. Create a bunch of markets for all of the races that lead up to the presidential one. Have a cool very visual website (a la 538) for exploring the data and markets.


not novel, but a bot to get custom market reminders through commenting (ie RemindMe! 2 days) could be useful.

I don’t know where else to ask this, but is there anywhere on this website that functions like a forum? Or is there a “meta” place where questions/suggestions can be raised, that don’t involve money? (Kind of like the .meta on stackexchange)

I’m not much of a merch guy, but I’d love a souvenir Ṁ coin along the lines of this.

some sort of “intercollegiate forecasting tournament” or something, idk tho i’m not an expert