How will I pronounce Ada's name in a month?
Aug 12

Now that our baby (Ada Astra When) is here, I'm trying to decide how to pronounce her name.

  • "Ay-da" is the most common pronunciation and favored by @rachel

  • "Ah-da" is how I always thought Ada Lovelace's name was pronounced; it seems more endearing to me and also a bit easier to say (less mouth contortion required)

  • "Add-da" seems a bit heretical, literally nobody says this, but it's a compromise between the first two and also the way you'd pronounce "Ad Astra"

Lemme know what you favor & why, or suggest new alternatives!

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Mom wins.

Ada (pronounced AGI)

bought Ṁ100 Ah-da YES


tbh I was thinking about this just this morning (I came across a poem by Ada Limon) and Add-da definitely seems like the outlier - or a bit nasally?

I just went in search of the mystery fourth option that might resolve Other here lol

Here are the common ways to pronounce the name Ada:

  1. AY-duh: The most common pronunciation in English-speaking countries.

  2. AH-duh: An alternative pronunciation sometimes used in English.

  3. AH-dah: Often used in non-English speaking countries.

  4. ADD-uh: A variant pronunciation used in some regions or dialects.

I had to ask Claude to list #4 because it didn't pick that one at all and tbh, I can't really discern the difference between 2 and 3 when I say them aloud?