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closes Feb 28, 2025
Will Boris Johnson become UK Prime Minister again by March 2025?

Boris Johnson was forced to step down as PM in September 2022 after a series of scandals and generally low public approval, but many were sorry to see him go, and he hinted in his farewell speech at a possible return. The new PM, Liz Truss, has inherited an unenviable economic situation and her economic plans have been poorly received by the market. Will Bojo be able to make a surprise comeback?

Resolves YES is Boris returns to the position of PM at any point before the end of February 2025, NO otherwise. Note that this guarantees at least one general election before a negative resolution, since such an election can be held in January 2025 at the latest.

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Now that Sunak's settled into the post for what will likely be the remainder of the electoral term, this seems pretty unlikely - but you never know.