Will Kanye West release a new album in 2023?
resolved Jan 2

While this seems straightforward, note that I will require that the album be successfully released, i.e. it must actually be publicly accessible somehow. I will accept an EP, but not singles. Any other situation should resolve to NO.

I might bet on this myself if it seems worthwhile. I don't see any way for this to resolve N/A, but I suppose it's possible somehow?

EDIT: I am directing you guys to a comment I made below - the album leak does not count. It's got to be officially released!

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please resolve

@dittopoop Sorry bud, was a bit sick over the holiday.

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@shankypanky rip in peace 🪦

@mattyb it was nice knowing you 🫡

@shankypanky Pour one out for the brave people who put themselves out there on this one.

it's me. I'm brave people.
(shout out to my negative balance because of these two Kanye markets)

@Gen stop it! 😅

To preempt some questions - I'll count it as YES if it releases by 11:59 PM Pacific Time (since I guess he's probably in California?).

@AndrewHartman on the 31st, I mean, in case that wasn't clear.

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can we go with 23:59 in Hawaii because he could be anywhere and it's still technically 2023 there, then? 😅

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@AndrewHartman funnily enough, I think he's going to be in Saudi Arabia

@Marnix I was really not expecting this market to get a nail-biter of a resolution.

Guys there’s simply no way he’s on time. I’d bet this thing doesn’t come till summer lol

Dec 31

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stressful 🙃

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never thought I'd be here in 2023 waiting for a Kanye album to drop but here we are

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@shankypanky my monthly leaderboard balancing on this man releasing after ending his IG livestream lol

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@Blomfilter I have a lot (for me) of mana sitting in two Kanye album markets that I'd really like to cash out on today 😅

betting on the unhinged is hard on my heart lol


I assume that album leak in Sept didn't count? looks like it was publicly available in it's entirety, even if not voluntarily.

yes seems like a stretch given there's only ~4 weeks left in the year but I'm going for it.

@shankypanky Yeah, it doesn't quite count - note "successfully released" in the description. But there's still some time. I'm hoping it comes out officially and saves me a headache.

predicted YES

@Blomfilter oh hallelujah a payday incoming 😅