Will Caroline Ellison be arrested before the end of 2023?
resolved Oct 1

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We found that documents were entered into court record that were named as her arrest record. As best I can tell, this is supposed to be a market on her arrest, not a market on which news outlets report it or anything along those lines.

I think this can resolve YES on the basis of those court documents.

If it can't, could we get an update on what's still missing?

@EvanDaniel If I resolve this as Yes now, what probability do you think someone will come and dispute the resolution?

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@AmmonLam It’s been very firmly established using the court docket. Nothing to dispute.

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@AmmonLam You could create a market for that though.

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@AmmonLam They've had plenty of time to present evidence that it hasn't happened; they didn't. They'd be much more likely to do so by disputing before the resolution rather than after, because that's how you have the most chance of getting the right resolution and making a profit. So, I'd guess odds of a dispute being quite low.

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So basically this should have resolved a few days after it was created?

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@EvanDaniel If you search december 19th filings here on PACER, you can see the official docket does include the "Arrest of Caroline Ellison"

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Thanks! For the curious, you can sign up and get that info for free. Here's a screenshot:

If she plead guilty to a criminal violation then she must have been arrested at some point

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@AdamTreat Yeah, my general impression is that that's part of to proceeding, even if there aren't handcuffs or whatever. I'm not quite sure how close to a logical certainty that is in the US legal system though.

Are the changes in this market based on new information?

@DylanSlagh I don’t understand why this market is still open.

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@BTE Was she arrested?

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@BTE that is not an arrest

@MarcusAbramovitch how is that? If Trump has been arrested, which he has, how is this any different. You can’t be out on bail if you weren’t arrested. You can’t plead guilty either.

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@BTE I don't think I'm convinced yet but I'm interested in hearing more

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Chatgpt agrees :)

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@AmmonLam Care to weigh in?

@DylanSlagh Can someone confirm ChatGPT's legal advice is valid?

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@AmmonLam Did you try asking ChatGPT? ;)

@DylanSlagh any response from plaintiff GPT?

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@DylanSlagh Evan Daniel
I come back and make a decision when one side has overwhelming conclusive evidence

@BTE Trump was indicted. She never was. She pleaded guilty early.

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@NicoDelon And she was arrested.

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@NicoDelon But regardless, she was arrested, right? Which is why "Arrest of Caroline Ellison" is a document that was entered into the court record?

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@BTE I’m not saying she wasn’t. I’m just pointing to a major difference between her case and Trump’s. You asked how this was different.

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@NicoDelon But you are saying you think there's a > 3% chance she wasn't / won't be arrested, or that this market will be resolved incorrectly, based on your trading.

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@NicoDelon They are still likely to bring indictments formally against her at some point. It can happen in reverse. Grand juries take time and sometimes people just want to plead guilty as fast as possible before others beat them to it.

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@EvanDaniel I think @NicoDelon is just criticizing my sloppy argument. Correctly I suppose.

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@BTE Yeah, I think the criticism of the sloppy reasoning is fair. But based on trading history I don't think @NicoDelon is just doing that ;)

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@EvanDaniel My 5 mana on NO? No, that’s just a cheap way to profit from potential downswings in the market—it’s not 100% obvious she was arrested and there’s no clear resolution criterion.

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@BTE She’ll end up behind bars no matter what.