Will manifold get into legal trouble because they are not GPDR compliant before August 2024?
Jul 31

Maybe Manifold is not GPDR complient. Yet EU citizens are able to use it.

An incomplete list of possible problems (to be updated):

  • User cannot delete their accounts. (But can delete their emails)

  • Users cannot delete their comments. (Seems to be okay with GPDR, under some conditions)

  • User cannot unsubscribe from all emails.

  • TOS link results in a 404 (fixed)

  • No cookie banners.

Will manifold face legal consequences for violating the GPDR?

This question resolves YES if there are any legal actions or serious threats of legal actions against manifold in relation to the GPDR before the end of July 2024 and NO otherwise. The market can resolve early.
I will try to get confirmation from the manifold staff to resolve this market. If there are believable rumors about such legal trouble but manifold denies to confirm or deny the market might have to resolve N/A.

I will not trade on this market.

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What’s the definition of “legal trouble”? There’s very little the EU can do to enforce GDPR on a small business in the US. So far there’s not a single precedent of successful cross border enforcement, though plenty of companies comply voluntarily.

@nsokolsky see description. Any form of legal action is sufficient. I will also count a credible threat of legal action.

The Cambridge dictionary defines a legal action as

the act of using a lawyer or a court to help settle a disagreement, etc. that you have with a person or an organization

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@nsokolsky Are you not counting the $1.3 billion that Meta was fined earlier this year?

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@nsokolsky As Manifold serves users covered by GDPR, they are absolutely subject to compliance with GDPR.

GDPR is bad actually. The first thing I'm doing when I become emperor of the world is banning those dumb cookie permission banners

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@Sinclair Ban all cookies that you can’t eat instead.

@Sinclair the idea is really good, they should have just established a shared way to make the choice (required/functional/advertising) in the browser

@Sinclair cookie banners are from separate regulation written decades ago:

@jack Maybe the current delete button can be construed as misleading because it doesn't delete anything?

But the TOS clearly states that one needs to contact them https://manifold.markets/privacy.html#request

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@AlexbGoode If anything, that’s probably worse for the current setup. A delete button that sends you to a contact us page is not misleading, the current setup is.

@AlexbGoode it does permanently delete their email btw

In what sense can't a user delete their account? Not about the click the big red "permanently delete account" to find out!

@chrisjbillington From what I’ve seen of @SirCryptomind deleting his account, he could still comment. It also didn’t remove any existing comments or markets, both of which could potentially contain personally identifiable information. Given that he could also log in to make those posts, it implies that his email and password are still held by manifold.

@Noit My understanding is he was somehow using an API key to message people from beyond the grave. Not sure how that works.

Independent of the API working with deleted accounts they can be un-deleted. That means the account was never deleted in the first place.

@JohnSmithb9be Deleting your account doesn't really delete much at all. You don't need to use API, you can just keep using the website.

@jack Huh. Can a deleted user get promoted in Leagues?

Was wondering about this market, the creator of which has deleted their account. They were in first spot in silver looking guaranteed to promote to platinum. Quickly flipping through all the silver leagues. I don't see them now.


@chrisjbillington I believe they are removed from leagues, yes