How many questions are currently on Manifold for which you'd be willing to pay 1 dollar to see the current prediction?
in 17 hours

Imagine all percentages are behind a paywall.

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This would suddenly make all but the most certain huge whale trades vastly unprofitable, and thus single handedly obliterate the site

@TheAllMemeingEye you can't bet towards correcting the odds if you can't view what the current odds are

Everything on this series all created by me, I would like to pay and they are Manifold-exclusive, but people don't bet on them and their probability is likely inaccurate.

The only maybe one is one of the Jimmy Carter death markets. Everything else is on Polymarket, PI, Kalshi, etc.

I don't think Manifold is currently very accurate, especially for the markets that are Manifold exclusive (meaning I can't just go and look at another prediction market, e.g US election). If mana ever actually becomes convertable to real money I'd expect that could change

@colorednoise most markets that are Manifold exclusive are pretty irrelevant. Who, apart from people who are in on the joke, cares when some dude is gonna eat ass?

I could make a lot more money back lol

@StopPunting The current results not the true answer :(

@AlexbGoode You should put that in the title. I also interpreted it as the actual answers (though I did realize you probably meant the other thing when I saw the highest bucket starts at 10).

I definitely spend more than a dollar's worth of time just writing my market descriptions, which is the main cost in creating them.

@Joshua but would you pay to know the market price if someone else had created them?

@jskf Sure, those are the questions that I would counterfactually spend the effort making myself if someone else hadn't already done so.

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