Will AI be able to generate an interactive web front-end by the end of 2024?
Dec 1

Given a description of a backend (code and/or specification) and a general description of a front-end (e.g. list of essential features, desiderata, style, etc), AI code generator should be able to generate front-end code, in a widely used programming language such as JS or TS, based on a widely used framework such as React or Vue.


  • code must be written completely by AI with no human interventions besides providing relevant information about the backend and a general description of a front-end

  • should work with any kind of a web front-end task a senior front-end / full-stack software engineer is expected to be able to implement

  • code must confirm to the specification and meet quality standards of an expert human senior developer proficient in a given language and problem domain

  • front-end must work according to commonly acceptable UI/UX standards

  • at least 2000 non-trivial lines of code

  • a task is considered to be performed successfully when all important parts of functionality are implemented; minor cosmetic defects or missing niceties are acceptable

  • a code generator should have at least 80% success rate

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"should work with any kind of a web front-end task a senior front-end / full-stack software engineer is expected to be able to implement"

Senior front-end / full-stack software engineers are occasionally expected to be able to implement literally impossible tasks, so this arguably should already resolve NO.

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https://v0.dev/ might be the most advanced I know of, but it's still a long shot till this question would resolve yes

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Considering the strict requirements, I'd say that's a no.

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predicts NO

Could you give an upper / lower bound for scale, apart from LOC?

Like, a random note-saving app without editing, deletion, or sign-in the lower bound? Would the same with sign-in count? Or would a ToDo list app with edits, deletes, and sign-in be the lower bound? Or something like a ToDo list app with tags and reordering and recurring items?

@1a3orn The question is basically "Can AI replace front-end web devs?", so lower bound should be similar to what people develop commercially, sign-in and so on are required.

Something similar to a TODO list app as you described might be good for a lower bound, except that an actual TODO list app won't qualify because it's a common tutorial topic so we won't be able to tell which parts are just copied from the training set.

Have you tested whether GPT-4 can already do this?

@vluzko Not particularly. I know that people had some success with GPT-4, but initially released model with 8k context is definitely not sufficient due to limited size. (Although maybe somebody can prompt it to generate front-end piece by piece, but AFAIK nobody yet succeeded doing that.) Is 32k context enough? It's a bit hard to check as a detailed descriptions of a back-end of a non-trivial app are hard to find.