1. Will Vladimir Putin be President of Russia at the end of 2023?
Dec 31

This is question #1 in the Astral Codex Ten 2023 Prediction Contest. The contest rules and full list of questions are available here. Market will resolve according to Scott Alexander’s judgment, as given through future posts on Astral Codex Ten.

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uair01predicts YES

I did a quick inventory of the "Putin is dead" news. It's not reliable, but it's funny, in a conspiracy theory, QAnon manner. I summarize it here in this post. If you have more of this, I'll be amused.

(1) Putin Is Already Dead? Was He Ill? | Page 3 | The Forteana Forums

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uair01predicts YES

There are rumours that Putin had a heart attack. But it's impossible to verify. Here are translations from Czech newspapers:

(1) Putin Is Already Dead? Was He Ill? | Page 2 | The Forteana Forums


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IC Rainbowpredicts YES

@uair01 again?..

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uair01predicts YES

@ICRainbow I'm just quoting recent news articles. I didn't check if it has been reported before. Has it?

If you want you can scroll back in the forum tread that I posted to see more history.

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@uair01 Мое сердце каждый день сильно бьется, как барабан. 🥁

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Certainty of Victorypredicts NO

Его сердце бьется, как барабан в джунглях.

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firstuserherepredicts NO

@CertaintyOfVictory lol what an exchange.

My heart beats like a drum every day. 🥁

and then certainty of victory says

His heart beats like a drum in the jungle.

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Hanchi Sun
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nickten 💙💦🐬predicts NO

big if true

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Timothy Currie bought Ṁ100 NO from 96% to 95%
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@nickten Огромный, но это неправда. 🐳

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Hawspredicts YES

@AltPutin I love this account

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Nick Allenpredicts YES

@nickten I believe the correct term is "healthy at any size"

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AltPutin avatar

Кто знает, какая есть альтернатива? Никто на родине не может владеть властью, которой я обладаю, без того, чтобы не сбиться с пути собственного позора. Бог пожелал этого для меня, и в этом Он справедлив. Наш народ увлекается цирками, и я не питаю к этому ни отвращения, ни недоверия. Я единственный, кто может терпеть боль за них. Люди это понимают, они это ценят, они не позволят никому другому быть там, где я, потому что они признают мое высшее видение. 🚶‍♂

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Versace Armanipredicts NO

@AltPutin Did Putin say that?

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Grigorii Gerasevpredicts YES

@ElmerFudd No, this is parody account.

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Jonathan Raybought Ṁ272 of YES

A failed coup probably makes the regime even more stable, and Putin still has sky high approval ratings.

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IC Rainbowpredicts YES

@JonathanRay Staged or not, the events will provide a lot of common knowledge for analysts to chew. Who knows what, who supports whom, etc.

Lots of leverage gained by flushing it all out.

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Ivan Zagrebinpredicts YES

@JonathanRay What makes you think his approval didn't change? I haven't seen any data on this metric after the mutiny.

Also, approval in authoritarian countries is very different from approval in democratic ones. Alternative personas, who could try to rival the president, are politically suppressed. So the approval that is measured is mostly passive and arises from lack of political freedom. If an opportunity occurs, this approval would probably plummet.

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Andrew Gsold Ṁ622 of YES

Yeah wow the address to the country looked bad.

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Elliot Daviessold Ṁ107 of NO

Talks of a successful negotiation seems like a big update

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Elliot Davies

@ElliotDavies "❗️ Nothing is over yet. Make no mistake, just wait." From Prigozhin's telegram

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Schwabilismussold Ṁ651 of YES

@ElliotDavies Could you link Prigozhin telegram?

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Elliot Davies

@Schwabilismus absolutely

Edit: removed link

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Semiotic Rivalrypredicts YES

@ElliotDavies This is a fake account

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Vacek Nules

@SemioticRivalry No, it’s not, putinist services are simply attempting to silence it by mass reporting. Stop spreading putinist propaganda, you vatnik!

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Vacek Nules

@ElliotDavies Reinstate your link, rest assured. @Semiotic Rivalry is a vatnik troll with his head in putin’s ass!