Will Manifold implement auctions / auction markets by the end of 2023?
closes Jan 1

As in, an auction that anyone could create... The $10000M auction that Manifold posted for april fools does not count (not everyone can create an auction like that).

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Mira avatar
Mira 🍎

How does this resolve if we find a way to do auctions with free response or the new multi-binary markets? Does it have to be a dedicated auction market, or is something functionally equivalent fine too?

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8 avatar
Trongpredicts YES

@Mira It should be a dedicated auction market -- I've been holding some free-response auctions, but those do not count.

Austin avatar
Austinbought Ṁ10 of YES

Running a sealed-bid second price auction for Manifold t-shirts was one of the most fun IRL things I've done in a while! Buying some wishful (though not commitment) YES

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NicoAlberti avatar
Nico Alberti

@Austin I cant believe you would appropriate the equivalent of 250 USD of mana from school children

Austin avatar
Austinpredicts YES

@NicoAlberti Hey now "appropriate" is very strong language; I want it on the record that this was a voluntary transaction conducted between willing and able parties

Also how did y'all even get $240 of mana when none of you have bought mana for money?

astyerche avatar
power creeppredicts NO

@Austin paying for mana is based, grinding mana is inspired

astyerche avatar
power creep

there doesn't seem to be a large enough incentive to do something like this yet, mostly because the april fools one was mostly a funny one. like, beyond being the one to say "i bet 50 times the amount i won" and have bragging rights, theres no real incentive to do it yet.

i suppose on incentive for a prediction site would be a "trust worthyish" badge? but... that doesn't really make sense? most other incentives there would have to either be things posted by Big Mani or be centered around a limited gimmick item

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8 avatar
Trongpredicts YES

@astyerche I mean, I think people could start "selling shares" to other people. But yes, limited gimmick items or badges would be cool.

astyerche avatar
power creepbought Ṁ5 of NO

@8 "manifold markets versus the nyse"

8 avatar
Trongpredicts YES