Will @QiaochuYuan consider qualia a coherent concept by 2024
Dec 31

On Twitter QC mentioned that he consider qualia an incoherent concept. Andrés Gómez Emilsson, a director of Qualia Research Institute, predicts that it'd take 18 months for QC to be convinced.

1) Resolves YES if:

— QC publicly (e.g. on Twitter) makes a statement that he changed his mind on qualia

— I message him in January 2025 and he says that he changed his mind

2) Resolves NO otherwise.

3) If he makes a public statement and then changed his mind again then the market still resolves YES.

4) Since there is some ambiguity involved in determining what constitutes "changing one's mind's", I will not bet on this market.

EDIT Jun 26 14:16: added an implied OR between conditions for a YES resolution. Basically, either there is a public statement or I ask him privately.

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I have faith in the CEO of Consciousness

Why does he consider it an incoherent concept?

@hmys A brief twitter search brings this tweet of his.